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    • Q: I'm shopping around for my detailing needs, what makes #1 Sprint Car Detailing different from the competition?
      • A: Keep these points in mind when shopping around:
    • Trained Technicians
    • Fully Insured
      • Sprint Car Detailing, Inc. is fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.  Our insurance coverage covers everything from pick up & delivery to full Garagekeepers liability.  Is your prospect fully covered?
    • Equipment
      • Today's automobile interiors have a wide range of materials being used with each requiring different methods of cleaning.  We have invested in a 210-degree hot water extractor ('shampoo') AND a 320-degree vapor steamer ('steam clean') to be ready for your vehicles' particular surfaces.  Oftentimes the terms 'shampoo' and 'steam clean' are used interchangeably when they should not be.  Does your prospect have the proper equipment?
    • Industry Accreditations & On-Going Training
      • #1 Sprint is a Detail King® Authorized Licensee, a detail industry-exclusive program that allows us to utilize the vast array of marketing, technical and networking resources Detail King® has to offer.  Does your prospect stay involved with the detail industry?
    • Q: How should I prepare my vehicle for a detail?
      • A: On the interior, please remove all personal items from the door pockets, consoles, cargo areas, etc.  Any remaining items will be bagged and placed in the vehicle at the completition of the detail.  Removing any custom seat custovers or aftermarket vanity items is also recommended.  It is important to note that we cannot reinstall childrens car seats so please remove them from the vehicle and/or have them ready to pull out of the vehicle.  On the exterior, the only recommendation would be to remove any excessive mud from the vehicle, if needed.
    • Q: How much time is required for a detail?
      • A: That is dependent upon the services being performed and the size & condition of the vehicle.  Appointments are required for detailing services and it is best to plan on leaving the vehicle for the day to ensure proper time to complete the service.
    • Q: Do you offer pick up & delivery?
      • A: We are fully insured to offer free pick up & delivery for locations in the following zip codes: Conneaut Lake (16316), Meadville (16335), Linesville (16424), & Saegertown (16433).  Please contact us with any special pick up & delivery requests.
    #1 Sprint Car Detailing, Inc.
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