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Detail Service Guideline

When Scheduling Your Appointment

If scheduling and requesting a price quote over the phone, please allow for several minutes of conversation so we can properly evaluate your vehicles' needs and your desired results.  *8 out of 10 vehicles scheduled over the phone do fall into the sight-unseen quoted price.  The more accuate information you give us, the more accurate we can be with a sight-unseen price quote.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. 

To expidite the communication process, feel free to text Adam 24/7 at (814) 807-4263 to discuss your vehicle. 

Preparing Your Vehicle For Your Detail Appointment

Auto detailing is a time and hands-on labor intensive service.  Following these simple guidelines will help alleviate additional time & labor charges.

  1. Remove as much loose rubbish as possible. 
  2. Our interior detail services include all center consoles, door pockets, etc., please have those cleaned out as much as possible.
  3. It is highly recommended to remove all personal & vanity items, especially electronic devices.  Any remaining items will bagged and placed in the vehicle at the completion of service. 
  4. It is important to note that we cannot reinstall childrens car seats so please remove them from the vehicle and/or have them ready to pull out of the vehicle.
  5. For employee safety, we ask that you remove all firearms and large knives.
  6. Any item(s) deemed, suspicious, vulgar, unsafe, etc., will result in all work being halted on the vehicle until the vehicle owner personally removes the aforementioned item(s). 
  7. If your vehicle has excessive mud on it, running it through a touchless automatic carwash before your scheduled detail service is advised.  We recommend the Sheetz® touchless carwash in Conneaut Lake.

When Dropping Off Your Vehicle At Our Facility

  1. #1 Sprint Car Detailing shares an asphalt parking lot with Conneaut Lake Notary.  When dropping off your vehicle after-hours, please park your vehicle directly in front of our large white garage door.
  2. Our facility has a key drop box for after-hours drop off.

Pick Up & Delivery

  1. We offer free pick up & delivery for locations in the following zip codes: Conneaut Lake (16316), Meadville (16335), Linesville (16424), & Saegertown (16433).
  2. Fully insured for customer pick up & delivery.

After Your Detail Service Has Been Completed

  1. Upon completion of service, your vehicle will be parked on our lot in front of the building.  Unless a prior storage agreement has been made, we are not responsible for storage after any services have been performed.  Environmental elements including, but not limited  to, rain, sun, snow, sleet, bird droppings, etc. are out of our control and thus we are not be responsible under any circumstance. 
  2. If a full interior detail has been performed, it is possible (most typically in colder months) that your windows may fog up from moisture in the interior.  We make every attempt to completely dry an interior after a full detail however time constraints, cooler tempetures, etc., will work against drying time. 
  3. In the event your vehicle needs to stay on our lot overnight, your vehicle will be locked at closing for safety. 

Payment Terms

  1. We accept cash, all major credit cards (preferrably) and personal checks made out to Sprint Car Detailing, Inc.
  2. No vehicle will be released until payment has been made in full or a prior payment agreement has been made.
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