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Home - What is an Ozone Odor Removal Treatment? How does it work?

Ozone Odor Removal & Sanitizing

What is an Ozone Odor Removal Treatment & How Does It Work?

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With an ozone generator, ozone is produced by applying an electric current to two conductors sheathed in ceramic and encapsulated in a stainless steel tube.  A corona is then formed between the two conductors through the ceramic sheath.  When oxygen molecules pass through the corona, they are split apart, then reattach to other oxygen molecules, forming ozone.

As these O3 molecules encounter odor producing molecules, the odor-producing molecules are oxidized–leaving only O2 molecules, or pure oxygen–and the odor is completely removed.  Using Ozone is the best and most effective way to completely sanitize a vehicle.  Our interior detailing services are highly recommended prior to the ozone treatment.

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