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    Customer Reviews

    20 Customer Reviews Found

    We have been looking for someone around our vacation home(Conneaut Lake) to do detailing on our vehicles and were happy when we found #1 Sprint on yelp. Excellent service and the shop location is just around the corner from our home to boot!

    Date of Posting: Tuesday-Jan-09-2018
    Posted By: Jim & Rita
    Buffalo/Conneaut Lake

    The Mustang never looked better! Adam Anderson really knocked it out of the park detailing the car.

    Date of Posting: Wednesday-Nov-01-2017
    Posted By: Mike Dutko
    Stoneboro PA

    This place ROCKS!!! Adam does an amazing job at extremely REASONABLE prices !! He has my business forever !! Very Professional from the first phone call to the delivery of my vehicle! THANK YOU ADAM!!

    Date of Posting: Monday-Aug-07-2017
    Posted By: Paula O.

    Omg thank you Adam! I can't believe it! Everyone else said they couldn't get my stains out and you came through! You are amazing!!!!

    Date of Posting: Thursday-May-04-2017
    Posted By: Erin

    Great job Well Done !!! Thank you so very much . God bless you and all your loved ones !!!

    Date of Posting: Wednesday-Mar-29-2017
    Posted By: Scarlett

    Another fantastic job by Sprint Car Detailing! They took my crud encrusted car and made it look brand new! I recommend them highly : )

    Date of Posting: Wednesday-Jan-25-2017
    Posted By: Jo Ann

    GREAT JOB!!! Adam picked my car up, worked miracles on the clean up and brought it back and it looks AMAZING! Thanks again.

    Date of Posting: Wednesday-Jan-11-2017
    Posted By: Wendy

    Great job at detailing the interior of my car at an affordable price! It smells and looks cleaner than when I bought it from the dealership!

    Date of Posting: Thursday-Dec-29-2016
    Posted By: Stephanie Gault
    New Wilmington PA

    Great work! Didn't charge much and was very quick. Highly recommend

    Date of Posting: Friday-Dec-16-2016
    Posted By: Aaron
    Oil City

    "#1" in my book, interior of my truck looked brand new!

    Date of Posting: Monday-Aug-22-2016
    Posted By: Ernie
    Conneaut Lake


    Date of Posting: Monday-Jun-06-2016
    Posted By: Anonymous

    Adam and crew did a superior job on my Toyota Avalon interior! actually smells like brand new to! Plus they gave me 5dollars off for having the Weathertec floor mats, nice little perk!

    Date of Posting: Tuesday-May-03-2016
    Posted By: gary g

    fantastic work, highly recommended

    Date of Posting: Wednesday-Apr-13-2016
    Posted By: Neil

    Thank you for another incredible job on my bike! Adam is always great to work with and the results speak for themselves! If you need your bike done right, take it to Sprint!

    Date of Posting: Wednesday-Nov-04-2015
    Posted By: Pat Bywater

    The Weathertech mats I bought are great, won't ever own another vehicle without them. thanks!

    Date of Posting: Friday-Oct-16-2015
    Posted By: Brian P

    I stumbled on this plave years ago while going to UPS. Gave them a shot and have used them for years now. Great work, professional and they always have some sort of specials going on that I can take advantage of.

    Date of Posting: Thursday-Sep-17-2015
    Posted By: Joey C

    Car looks great!

    Date of Posting: Tuesday-Aug-11-2015
    Posted By: Daryl

    I was hoping for the money spent my vehicle would have come out better but it was(admitadly) a disaster. With what I dropped off and picked up, I can't complain. should have taken better care off my car sooner. Now getting detailed every 6 months. A+ on the customer service, Adam and everyone was great to deal with.

    Date of Posting: Tuesday-Jun-23-2015
    Posted By: Nathan
    canadohta lake

    What a lifesaver SCD was! I love a clean fresh car but after traveling up home for the holidays my car was filthy!!! Time was tite but they had a sunday avaliability to get me in. Great work inside and out. Saved an ocd person from driving all the way back to Fla. in a nasty car!

    Thanks again, Britt.

    Date of Posting: Monday-Dec-15-2014
    Posted By: Brittany D.
    Ocala Florida

    My car needed some TLC but i didn't know where to start. I looked around and found Adam at sprint car, and i'm glad i did! Very thorough with his work and he explained everything to me. Pricey at $350 but now the inside and outside of my car looks like new again, i figured it could be cleaned up but not look new again. Great job i'll def recommend Sprint to anyone:))

    Date of Posting: Monday-Aug-18-2014
    Posted By: Jenna
    Conneaut Lake

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